The Drill Maker - Bluetooth app is now available (May 2022) for the remote control of Spinshot machines. Drill Maker - Bluetooth can be used on all machines with v6.2 control panel*, or earlier versions that have Remote Watch control.

This upgrade to Bluetooth gives a more stable connection when using the Drill Maker app. Connecting to Drill Maker via WiFi is still available as an alternative.

Using the Remote Watch & Drill Maker app with Bluetooth

Only one device (phone or remote watch) can be connected to your machine at one time via Bluetooth.

If you are using Drill Maker on your phone via the Bluetooth connection you will not be able to use the Remote Watch.

To switch to using the Remote Watch please close the Drill Maker app on your phone or switch the Drill Maker App to WiFi

Using the Remote Watch and Drill Maker app simultaneously

If you want to use the Remote Watch and Drill Maker on your phone simultaneously you will need to connect Drill Maker on your phone via WiFi. This will allow the Remote Watch to use the Bluetooth connection.

Can I upgrade my machine to use Bluetooth?

If your control panel is v6.1 you can upgrade your machine to use Bluetooth by ordering the Remote Watch which uses the same Bluetooth technology. We will send you the Remote Watch and Bluetooth module to install.

All v6.2 control panels (and subsequent versions) support Bluetooth.

*The control panel version number is shown on the machine’s screen on start up.

Send email to if you need any further information or support.