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What is the difference between the Spinshot Plus-2 and the Spinshot Player?
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What is the difference between the Spinshot Plus-2 and the Spinshot Player?

The only difference between the Spinshot Plus-2 and the Spinshot Player is the functionality and display of the control panel. The Plus-2 has an additional six quick start modes of play on the control panel that allow you to play a variety of drills without using the Drill Maker app.

Speed - The Plus-2 is only available in the high speed model (30 - 130km), where as the Player is available in both high speed and normal speed (30 - 100km) models. 

Weight & size - both machines weigh about 18kg.

Battery & power options - both machines are available with a variety of battery and power options. Choose from internal battery, external battery, mains power, or hybrid mains power / external battery.

Remote control - both machines are compatible with the Drill Maker app (iOS or android), Apple Watch, and Spinshot Remote Watch.

Quick Start Modes (Sweep Settings) - unique to the Spinshot Plus-2

The quick start modes (sweep settings) on the Plus-2 control panel are:

  • Random horizontal oscillation mode
  • 2-Line mode
  • Vertical mode
  • Manual mode
  • Random horizontal oscillation and vertical mode
  • 2-Line horizontal and vertical mode

Control Panels

Pictured below is the Plus-2 control panel (left) and Player control panel (right). 

plus-2 control panel
player control panel
Plus-2 Controls

On this version of the Plus-2 control panel the quick start modes are called "Sweep Settings". Use the buttons to select a Sweep Setting to play and then adjust the speed, feed rate, width, spin and height using the "Value Settings" buttons. The screen will display the mode and value settings.

To select a Drill on the Plus-2 control panel, press the Drill button (D) and then use the Up (+) or Down (-) to select drill number, then press Play. The screen will display the drill number selected.

Player Controls

To select a Drill on the Player control panel you simply press the number of the drill and press Start. The screen will display the drill number selected.

There is no quick start mode buttons on the Player control panel.

Drill Maker app

Use the Drill Maker app to adjust any drill settings. This can be done at any stage even when you are playing the drill. Just open the drill edit screen and change the settings, press save and the machine will continue to play the new drill settings.

Read more about the Drill Maker app

Custom Drills

Both the Plus-2 and the Player have 12 custom drill options. These 12 drills are preset to play a variety of shots but are fully customisable via the Drill Maker app. The preset drills are:

  1. Flat
  2. Top Spin
  3. Back Spin
  4. Backhand
  5. Forehand
  6. Narrow 2-Line
  7. Wide 2-Line
  8. Lob
  9. Net to Baseline
  10. Random Horizontal
  11. Random Height
  12. Full Random

What is a Drill?

A drill is simply a series of shots played by the ball machine. A Spinshot ball machine drill consists of 6 sequential shots which are played over and over until the ball hopper is empty or you stop the machine.

For example - illustrated in diagrams below is a 2 line drill showing a combination of alternating forehand and backhand shots. In comparison a 3 line drill usually consists of a forehand, centre and backhand shot.

2 Line Drill and 3 Line Drill

Using either the control panel on the Plus-2 or the Drill Maker app you can specify the horizontal placement of each ball, the speed, spin, height and the feed rate.

Full Details of the Plus-2 and Player

Full details and specifications on both machine are available - follow the links below to read more about each machine.

Spinshot Plus-2

Spinshot Player


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