Spinshot aims to produce the highest quality tennis ball machines and use cutting edge technology to bring your game to the next level. Spinshot machines are built to last, with a strong metal enclosing and reliable interior engineering.

Spinshot has international 7 day a week email support.  Please contact our support team if you have any issues with your machine.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does delivery cost?
How long will it take for my machine to arrive?
What's the warranty on Spinshot machines?
How does a tennis ball machine work?
What kind of tennis balls do I need to use?
What is oscillation and do I need it?
Are Spinshot machines battery or AC powered?

There are a LOT of questions to answer when buying a tennis ball machine.  Here are a list of our most frequently asked questions. 

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User Manuals

Lost the User Manual for your machine? Download a new one from our User Manual section.

Find a User Manual


Power & Battery Options

What power / battery configuration is better for you?  This is the question we get asked the most. All of our machine can either be powered by AC mains power or battery. View our Power & Battery Options page for a full explanation and a list of options.

What power option is best for me?


Battery Charging Tips

To get the most out of your battery you need to look after it.  A tennis ball machine battery can last up to 2 years but if you don't charge it properly then it could start to loose charging power.  Read our Battery Charging Tips page for all our advice.

Getting the most our of your Battery