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Spinshot New Zealand is based in Christchurch.  We are backed by our international team of distributors and offer fast and reliable support for any ongoing maintenance.

We offer fast nationwide delivery.  Speak to us about getting free delivery of your new machine.

New 'Li Na' Tennis Drill

Check out our latest tennis drill using the Drill Maker app for Spinshot. Inspired by the great Li Na.

Spinshot Sports NZ

Which Machine is Best for You?

Affordable & Easy to Use

Our PRO machine is super easy to use and offers an affordable intro into tennis ball machines. Use the dials on the machine to adjust speed, top or back spin & height. Remote control included.

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Easy Oscillation Modes

Our new PLUS-2 machine is packed with features and is our new top of the line machine. Use the oscillation modes for 2 line drills, horizontal or vertical oscillation with adjustable speed, feed rate, spin and height. Or create your own drills using the Drill Maker app. 

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Most Popular Tennis Ball Machine

Our PLAYER machine offers 12 pre-programmed customisable drills or create your own drills. Full oscillation & random modes create a realistic game scenario.

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Strength in Design

Spinshot machines are made to last. Our alloy exterior casing out performs cheaper plastic alternatives.

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The Latest from Spinshot

Voted 2020's Best Tennis Ball Machine - At Spinshot our aim is to provide the best quality tennis ball machines at an affordable price. We are developing and improving our machines constantly. Here are our latest products to compliment our growing range.

Buyer's Guide

Not sure which machine is best for you? We can help you pick the right ball machine for you.

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Why Choose Spinshot

At Spinshot we aim to provide quality machines at an affordable price. From our plug and play Spinshot Pro model to our Wifi enabled, mobile phone controlled Spinshot Player model, we offer a machine to suit everyone’s needs. All our machines are battery operated or can be upgraded to AC power operated. Our machines come with a remote (if applicable) and charger.

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