Replacement service wheel for Spinshot tennis ball machines

$160.00 NZD

Replacement service wheel for all Spinshot ball machine models. The service wheels are the black rubber wheels that propel the tennis balls out of the machine.

Wheels sold separately. Price is for one wheel.

When do I need to replace the Service Wheels?
The service wheel may need to be replaced if the surface has become too smooth and is not gripping the balls. You will notice a decreased ball speed if the service wheels have become too slippery.


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What tennis ball are recommended? 
Pressureless tennis balls - either Spinshot brand or Head

What court surfaces can I use a ball machine on?
All court surfaces are suitable - hard, grass & clay.

Is it in Stock?
Yes we carry all products in stock. Unless it specifically says "out of stock" then we have it here in NZ ready to deliver.

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