Spinshot Player HS Tennis Ball Machine

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    Spinshot was Voted Best Tennis Ball Machine in 2023

    Spinshot tennis ball machines are the most advanced battery operated portable tennis ball machines in the world. You can use the pre-programmed drills or customize your own.  Control the machine using the touch panel or via your smart phone or Apple watch using our free, easy to use app.  Holds up to 120 balls. 

    What is the Top Speed of the Spinshot Player HS?

    Speed = 30 - 130 km

    The Spinshot Player HS machine has a top speed of 130km and can be slowed down to 30km. Speed is managed via the settings on the Drill Maker app.

    Due to the popularity of the HS (high speed) machine we have ceased production of our lower speed Player machine. If you are after a slower machine we suggest the Spinshot Pro.

    Spinshot Player HS Video - Detailed Overview of all the Player's basic and advanced features


    2 year warranty on all machines

    Pre-programmed drills

    The Player machine comes with 12 pre-programmed drills which give a full variety of shot positions. You can adjust each of these drills to suit your playing level using the drill maker app.

    Customise your drills

    Each of the 12 drills can be customised to suit you, your family, or club members.  Height, direction, spin, speed for each of 6 sequential shots can be adjusted and then saved as your personalised drill.

    2-Line Drills & Oscillation

    You can create 2-line drills at any width and any height. You can have vertical oscillation and, or horizontal oscillation. All these drills can be made on your phone and saved to the machine via the app. Next time you use the machine, just press the drill # button you require and start your game.

    The Player model was developed to be incredibly user friendly and can be operated by even young players.

    Remote Control via App - Android or iPhone

    Our Drill Maker app for Android and iPhone is free to download. Read more about our Drill Maker app and download on your device to see how it works.

    The Player machine is also compatible with our Remote Watch (sold separately).

    Drill Maker also works on Apple Watches.

    Machine Dimensions & Weight

    50CM(H), 45CM(L), 30CM(W)
    Weight 19kg. It is lighter and more compact than any other ball machine with similar features.


    The Spinshot Player HS can deliver balls up to 130km or can be reduced to as little as 30km. 

    Battery & Power Information

    The tennis ball machine's battery (included with machine) can support 2-3 hours of play. Simply charge overnight after each use and its ready to go. The machine will be shipped with a battery charger.  Additional batteries or power modules can be purchased to extend playing time. 

    Upgrade option is available to install your machine with Mains Power Module, or the Power / External Battery Hybrid ModuleRead our Guide to all the power and battery options available.

    Not sure which machine is best for you?

        Battery & Power Information

        The ball machine's battery (included with machine) can support 2-3 hours of play. Charge after each use.

        The machine will be shipped with a battery charger.  Additional batteries or power modules can be purchased to extend playing time. 

        Upgrade option is available to install your machine with Mains Power Module, or the Power / External Battery Hybrid Module.  

        Read our Guide to all the power and battery options available.


        Ball machines - 2 years

        Batteries - 6 months

        Everything else - 1 year

        Full warranty policy


        What tennis ball are recommended?
        Pressureless tennis balls - either Spinshot brand or Head

        What court surfaces can I use a ball machine on?
        All court surfaces are suitable - hard, grass & clay.

        Is it in Stock?
        Yes we carry all products in stock. Unless it specifically says "out of stock" then we have it here in NZ ready to deliver.

        Full FAQs

        Battery or AC Power Options

        All Spinshot ball machines are set up with an internal battery but can be upgraded to external battery, AC power or a Hybrid combination of battery and AC power.

        Shop Power Options
        Machine Dimensions



        AC power model - 18kg
        External battery model - 18kg
        Internal battery model - 20kg

        Ball Speed

        30-130km (high speed machines)

        Portable & Compact Machines

        Spinshot tennis ball machines are lighter and more compact than any other ball machine with similar features. The compact design fits easily in the boot of a small hatch back car.

        Towing wheels and a retractable handle make towing your ball machine easy across a range of surfaces.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 8 reviews
        Highly recommend this - beginners to more experienced.

        Purchased this for fun, fitness and wanting to get back into tennis. The Player machine goes superb, as described. As someone getting back into tennis - you will love using it ! It's robust, built solid, but can still be lifted in/out of the car. Different drills make it suitable for beginners to the more experienced. As someone getting back to tennis I can see this machine will be fit for purpose for many years yet as you can adjust the speed and drills to whatever you want to work on next. Easy to control with the drill maker app. I've used it this past week and my forehand and backhand have drastically improved due to the machine being able to consistently deliver balls to location and height, so you can work on your mechanics and get your technique right. The drill maker app easily connects and you can change drills by pressing the drill you want, even if the hopper isn't finished. Alternatively stay on the one drill until the balls have finished. Plug in charger simple and straight forward. Arrived very well packaged. I must say, great communication had with Spinshot before and after purchase. Very happy to recommend.

        Best Tennis Machine

        Great machine. Just got this a few days ago and went out with my wife and kids and played with it. Our first impressions are extremely positive. I have to say that their customer service is second to none. They picked up the call soon and resolved all my questions within a day.

        Here are the things I like about this machine:

        Really easy to set up, preset drill are well thought-out and fun.

        App is good as well, takes sometime for getting used to it. You can easily customize the drills, thats the awesome feature I didn't even consider before.

        Loved the ability to practice and focus on one stroke at a time.

        Machine handled the old tennis balls just fine.

        Well built.

        They can improve a few things:

        The wheels are a little small, worked fine on the court. I didn't try it from my car to the entrance of the court which has short grass. So far I carry the machine on the rough surfaces and grass

        Battery takes about 6 hours to charge. Doesn't impact much as I don't need it unitl the next day for practice.

        Plastic panels that are used to hold balls are a bit flimsy

        Some way to know how much battery charge is left.

        I would definitely recommend. Hope this lasts for years and years. My kids love this. I already see improvement in their game. They don't have to pay someone just for the drills. So far so good.

        S Jones
        Well built machine that performs great!

        They say if you buy quality you only cry once... This is an expensive machine, but it is extremely well built and I expect it will perform well for a long, long time.

        I bought this primarily for my boys—10 and 15. They absolutely love it. Makes practice fun! They usually chose the full variable mode—the thing throws balls all over the court and at various speeds. A great workout and a technical challenge for them.

        The iPhone app works great for controlling the machine. They can do it themselves—or I can switch things up for them while I’m shagging balls.

        D Shaw
        great machine

        I bought the Player for my husband's birthday and he loves it. He plays inter club and its got all the features and drills that he needs. Really happy with it overall.

        Very satisfied

        We have received the Spinshot Player and took it out for a spin on Saturday (pun intended!).

        It was originally purchased for my son to substitute his weekly training regime but after using it myself, I reckon I am going to take up tennis lessons again!

        Very satisfied with the purchase and performance of the machine.