Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine

$1,799.00 NZD

New model now includes oscillation & remote watch

Spinshot Lite is our entry level tennis ball machine.  It is the most portable & lightest tennis ball machine on the market. It's a great small machine for beginners or children. 

The exterior of the machine is powder coated metal construction which makes it very strong so it wont be damaged when hit by tennis balls.


The Spinshot Lite includes horizontal oscillation - this means it will deliver balls the full width of the court (to your forehand and backhand).  You can turn oscillation on and off using the switch on the control panel.

Ball Speed

Delivers balls between 30 - 60 km and with top spin.  The speed can be adjusted using the speed dial on the control panel.

Ball Feed Rate

The ball feed rate (the time between each ball) can be set between 2 - 10 seconds.  The feed rate can be adjusted using the feed dial on the control panel.

How portable is the Lite machine?

This is an extremely portable machine making it perfect for the novice to intermediate tennis player to take to their local court and practice repetitive shots to improve their game.  

9kg for the power model
10kg for the battery model 

Dimensions: 40cm high, 25cm long & 25cm wide

Towing wheels and a retractable handle are incorporated into the machine so you can put all your tennis equipment on the machine and tow them together.

Battery or AC power - you choose!

The machine's rechargeable battery can support up to 7 hours of play. Simply charge overnight after each use and it's ready to go.

The battery and battery charger are included.  The battery is housed inside the machine.  You also have the option to upgrade to the external battery or hybrid power and battery option.  Read our Power Options information page for a more detailed explanation.

Ball Capacity

The ball hopper holds over 40 balls.


Please note this machine has a 2-3 week delivery lead time. We can ship it direct to you from our factory at no extra cost over and above the standard delivery charge of $40.

Comparable Products

The Spinshot Lite tennis ball machine provides similar functionality to competitor products such as the Lobster Elite Freedom machine.  The advantages of the Spinshot Lite machine when compared to Lobster Elite are as follows;

Portability - Smaller machine dimensions providing a more transportable unit.
Construction - The robust powder coated metal construction of the Spinshot Lite machine compared to a plastic product.
Power - Spinshot Lite has the ability to incorporate an AC power module, in addition to the standard battery power system, this providing unlimited hours of play.  
Cost -  Our Spinshot Lite machine offers a saving of up to 45% to achieve similar functionality


Free delivery NZ wide for orders over $500.

Delivery usually takes 5-7 days from dispatch date.


Ball machines - 2 years

Batteries - 6 months

Everything else - 1 year

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What tennis ball are recommended? 
Pressureless tennis balls - either Spinshot brand or Head

What court surfaces can I use a ball machine on?
All court surfaces are suitable - hard, grass & clay.

Is it in Stock?
Yes we carry all products in stock. Unless it specifically says "out of stock" then we have it here in NZ ready to deliver.

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