Spinshot Plus-2 HS BT Tennis Ball Machine

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    Our best selling machine just got even better - now with Bluetooth

    The Spinshot Plus-2 HS BT (high speed with Bluetooth) machine is our best and top selling tennis ball machine.  If you are a good strong tennis player or a competitive player - then this is the machine for you.

    2023 Improvements

    • Bluetooth connectivity for improved pairing with the Drill Maker app and remote watch

    • New ball chute design for improved ball delivery

    • New hopper tray design to stop balls jamming

    What makes Plus-2 our best machine

    The Plus-2 is our best tennis ball machine as it has the most features and it has a top speed of around 130 km/h - that's fast!

    It has 12 customisable drills (just like the Player machine), plus five extra drills (oscillation modes) and a more advanced control panel with OLED screen to display drill settings.

    You can select any of the 12 customisable drills using the machines control panel or select one of the five extra oscillation modes. 

    • Random Horizontal Oscillation
    • 2-Line Oscillation
    • Vertical Oscillation
    • Random Horizontal and Vertical Oscillation
    • 2-Line Horizontal and Vertical Oscillation

    The Player machine does not have these extra oscillation modes listed above.

    The Plus-2 machine is also compatible with the Drill Maker app and our Remote Watch.

    High speed - even with topspin or back spin

    Our new high speed machines use more powerful motors to increase ball speed to stay above 100kph even with high levels of spin.

    Now you can practice with lots of top spin and slices / backspin by increasing spin levels and not forgo top speed. These high speed machines are now our most popular machines.

    Check out the graph below comparing a Spinshot high speed machine (green line) with a traditional ball machine (grey line). Typically the ball speed drops considerably when spin is applied to the ball, but the Spinshot HS (high speed) machines powerful motors can produce high speeds even when full spin is applied.

    ball speed


    Battery or Mains Power Options

    A battery is included with your machine.  You can also upgrade your machine by adding our Hybrid Power and Battery module if you want the option to use AC mains power or battery.

    Remote Control via App or Watch

    Our Drill Maker app for Android and iPhone is free to download. Read more about our Drill Maker app and download on your device to see how it works. 

    The Spinshot Plus-2 also supports our new Watch Remote to control the machine. See more details on our new Watch Remote

    Not sure which machine is best for you?

      Battery & Power Information

      The ball machine's battery (included with machine) can support 2-3 hours of play. Charge after each use.

      The machine will be shipped with a battery charger.  Additional batteries or power modules can be purchased to extend playing time. 

      Upgrade option is available to install your machine with Mains Power Module, or the Power / External Battery Hybrid Module.  

      Read our Guide to all the power and battery options available.


      Ball machines - 2 years

      Batteries - 6 months

      Everything else - 1 year

      Full warranty policy


      What tennis ball are recommended?
      Pressureless tennis balls - either Spinshot brand or Head

      What court surfaces can I use a ball machine on?
      All court surfaces are suitable - hard, grass & clay.

      Is it in Stock?
      Yes we carry all products in stock. Unless it specifically says "out of stock" then we have it here in NZ ready to deliver.

      Full FAQs

      Battery or AC Power Options

      All Spinshot ball machines are set up with an internal battery but can be upgraded to external battery, AC power or a Hybrid combination of battery and AC power.

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      Machine Dimensions



      AC power model - 18kg
      External battery model - 18kg
      Internal battery model - 20kg

      Ball Speed

      30-130km (high speed machines)

      Portable & Compact Machines

      Spinshot tennis ball machines are lighter and more compact than any other ball machine with similar features. The compact design fits easily in the boot of a small hatch back car.

      Towing wheels and a retractable handle make towing your ball machine easy across a range of surfaces.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Great ball machine - missing cover

      Received our ball machine and it has been great so far. Shipping was slow and a cover was missing from the order (cover was advertised as free with promo), so one star removed for that only.

      Great Tennis Practice!

      Love this machine so far - great variety in shot options. Very easy to use. Hopefully my game can improve!

      James, Wellington
      So much power

      We are so impressed by the power of the Plus2 high speed ball machine. Even with lots of top spin the balls still have plenty of speed. We bought an extra battery and the external battery kit so we can play for the whole day.

      Susan P
      Happy wife

      My husband just bought me this for my birthday as we just moved into a house with a tennis court. I love it! I haven't played in years so it is good to be able to get back into it without having to join a club. We got the ball collector too and it is so easy to use.

      The best tennis machine

      We are really happy with our Plus 2 machine. We got the high speed one because our son is playing competition grade and need the extra speed and power for practice. the topspin is awesome. He loves it.