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Tired of manually picking up all your tennis balls?  This new ball collector by Spinball has just been released and we are lucky enough to be the exclusive stockists in NZ.

Key features
The Spinball collector is super easy to use (we would even say fun!), light weight (only 6kg) and very portable.  It only takes a minute to put together - just release the handle and put into position, then attach the arms and you are ready to go!

How does it work?
Simply wheel the collector around your court collecting balls into the arms.  The arms channel the balls into the collection chute which feeds them up into the hopper.  

There's no motor - the turning of the wheels pushes the balls up and into the hopper - ingenious!

Once all the balls are collected, lift out the hopper basket and pour the balls back into your tennis ball machine, or attach the hopper basket to the handle and use as a convenient waist height basket - great for coaching sessions.

How portable is it?
It is surprisingly light and compact when folded down.  Easily fits in the boot of your car alongside your tennis ball machine. There is a central handle to lift it and its well balanced so we found it easy to get in and out of the car.




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What tennis ball are recommended? 
Pressureless tennis balls - either Spinshot brand or Head

What court surfaces can I use a ball machine on?
All court surfaces are suitable - hard, grass & clay.

Is it in Stock?
Yes we carry all products in stock. Unless it specifically says "out of stock" then we have it here in NZ ready to deliver.

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Best ball collecting device

we love the ball collector. its so easy to use and even the kids like picking up the balls now. we should have got it ages ago.