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Improve your fitness with a tennis ball machine
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Improve your fitness with a tennis ball machine

Feel the burn with Spinshot

Hitting over 100 balls is going to be a good work out for even the best tennis player, but couple this with the ability to add horizontal and vertical oscillation, then increase the feed rate to a match play level and you’ll be feeling the burn!

A Spinshot tennis ball machine can serve up a full range of shot combinations to replicate a match play situation. With full oscillation, speed, spin and feed rate adjustment a Spinshot tennis ball machine is best in class.

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Oscillation to get you moving

Side to side oscillation, fully random shots, or delivering the ball to a consistent spot each time - the choice is yours.

Spinshot ball machines have a range of oscillation options starting with our entry level Lite & Pro machines that offer both consistent shots or side  to side horizontal oscillation.  The highly specified Player and Plus2 machines have the full range of both horizontal and vertical oscillation allowing you to play a drill that consists of high and low balls delivered anywhere across the court.

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Drills to improve your footwork and fitness

Spinshot Plus-2 and Player machines are capable of playing a full range of drills to get you moving around the court more.

A random drill (left) will deliver balls all over the court at a variety of heights and speeds. 

A 2 line drill (right) will deliver balls to your forehand and backhand.

Want more of a challenge? Increase the ball speed and feed rate to make a harder work out. You can also increase the width of the two shots so they are landing at the extreme corners of the court, or you can run around the ball and take a forehand shot on the backhand side and vice versa on the forehand side.


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